red door

I’m No Evangelist

I recently took the online inventory commonly referred to as the APEST put together by Alan Hirsch and company. I scored as a Shepherd-Prophet...
trees on cliff

Perseverance is the Name of the Game

I recently connected with someone who is introducing outreach at his church and is receiving a less than enthusiastic response. Not surprising. In general, when...
Trinity Event

Outreach Stories Event Tonight!

Join Steve tonight at : Trinity Lutheran Church 1450 W 7th. St. San Pedro, CA 90732
cleaning toilet

Toilet Cleaning Considerations

I just came back with teams doing a restroom cleaning outreach. I seem to have some sort of touch with this outreach – in...
outward focused

Results of Hamburger Give Away

All I can say is “Wow!” A great time was had by all. Some Technical Aspects: We had a few dozen involved in a combination of...
Free food outreach

Hamburger Give Away

Doing something a bit different today. Going out to serve part of the city by giving away grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to people....
sea and sky

Low Risk.

I mean minimizing what can go haywire. A lot of what I tried to do early on in the Christian life was a high-risk ministry....
bicycle boardwalk

Few Touch Many.

It doesn’t take a large crew to make leave a big footprint. Victory in God’s kingdom has always gone to the underdogs. God nearly...
kindness outreach PE


WHY KINDNESS NOW? Servant Evangelism is a tested, effective missional practice for Leaders and Believers and we hope it will become the Rhythm of your...
bullet door


Have you ever been dogged by someone that was excited about their faith? I was in the New York City area a while back...

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