attack strategy

Strategy of Attacks

As we live a life of obedience we run into obstacles. Chalk it up to the universal principle of attack and counter-attack. As you...

When Is It Time to Worry?

I was always told not to worry. As a kid, I was a natural worrier. When I couldn’t figure things I usually resorted to worrying. Is...

Empowered – The Normal Christian Life

As you reach out to bring others to Christ, how much of what you do is happening by the power of the Holy Spirit…and...
David Wall

Whose Strength Are You Operating In?

How much of what you do is based on your ability versus the intervening strength of God? It’s possible to move forward in our...

The Power of the Kindness of God

I read Romans chapter 2 for years before the light went on with an important verse one day – 2:4b. “The kindness of God...
river bank calm

Living At the Speed of Soul

There are lots of projects vying for my attention these days. A new book is in the offing. Multiple blogs. Weekend messages. Staff to...

Being Yourself or Being Outward

Like most people, I’m an introvert by nature. The ironic truth is, I struggle with the notion of doing an outreach every time it...

Sunflower Seeds and Peggy’s Loss

Today I went out with a serving team to give away free flower seeds near our church in Oregon. One lady I ran into...
planting flowers

Sometimes Small Numbers Work Best

Many times I have gone outreaching with just a small cadre of folks. Sometimes that has been a homegroup. At other times I have...
call the police

Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?!

Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?! A good friend of mine recently related to me how God has been on the move in his life. It...

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