Syncing With The Spirit

When I hook up my iPhone or my iPod with my laptop all that is new is caught up. I make deposits in the Spirit...
horse meadow

Walk by Love

This is the simple exhortation of Titus. Why does this letter encourage us to walk in this way? Here’s a theory. When God’s Spirit...
low tide

An Un-Intuitive Dream

God Speaks I am one who openly and regularly makes it clear in my writing and speaking who believes that God continues to speak to...
Carrie Fisher

A Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Prozac

She knew something was off kilter when she woke up a night to find she was in the middle of a busy street in...
people crossing bridge

Walking Out Your Potential

I’ve come to believe that most success in life is about doing things that are distasteful - or at least a willingness to do...
attack strategy

Strategy of Attacks

As we live a life of obedience we run into obstacles. Chalk it up to the universal principle of attack and counter-attack. As you...

When Is It Time to Worry?

I was always told not to worry. As a kid, I was a natural worrier. When I couldn’t figure things I usually resorted to worrying. Is...

Empowered – The Normal Christian Life

As you reach out to bring others to Christ, how much of what you do is happening by the power of the Holy Spirit…and...
David Wall

Whose Strength Are You Operating In?

How much of what you do is based on your ability versus the intervening strength of God? It’s possible to move forward in our...

The Power of the Kindness of God

I read Romans chapter 2 for years before the light went on with an important verse one day – 2:4b. “The kindness of God...

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