Being Yourself or Being Outward

Like most people, I’m an introvert by nature. The ironic truth is, I struggle with the notion of doing an outreach every time it...

Sunflower Seeds and Peggy’s Loss

Today I went out with a serving team to give away free flower seeds near our church in Oregon. One lady I ran into...
planting flowers

Sometimes Small Numbers Work Best

Many times I have gone outreaching with just a small cadre of folks. Sometimes that has been a homegroup. At other times I have...
call the police

Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?!

Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?! A good friend of mine recently related to me how God has been on the move in his life. It...
horse meadow

Fatherless on Father’s Day

Loneliness is perhaps the most intense of human emotions. This single word might well explain much that is behind the challenges of cultures across the...
Snoopy love

Valentines Lessons: Finally I’m Learning To Love People

Valentine's Day - the universal celebration of love. Anyone keen on walking in, learning about, and speaking the fluent language of love will be electrified...

‘Innovation’ – Or Can We Do Better? (Part 4)

4. We cannot violate who we really are. People can see who we are. We cannot hide our stripes. Oddly, the longest term ones...

Agreeing with Jesus

Leaders - how do we stay in sync with the life of the Spirit so we continue to love, live, flow with the care...

The Bird

Most of the people in the Tampa Bay Area are not from here – much like Denver, or Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  To...

Luther’s Prayer Lesson #2

Prayer is many things – quiet, still for many isn’t a great description. Let’s be short here. There is nothing more goofy, misleading, and typically American...

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