Whose Strength Are You Operating In?

David Wall

How much of what you do is based on your ability versus the intervening strength of God? It’s possible to move forward in our strength for a prolonged time. For a time we don’t do all that poorly – at least on the outside. Jesus said his will for us was that we would bear fruit that lasts. That kind of enduring fruitfulness that brings glory to God won’t be produced in mere human strength.

If lately, you have been going forward in our own strength – you’ve not had an occasional breakdown (or as a friend of mine puts it “a nervous breakthrough”) – of not coming to a revelation of your need for God to show up in your situation – you’ve probably been going it apart from the power of God.

“Not to worry” to quote Cliff Claven. Turn from the sin of self-dependency. You can decide today you are going to operate in the vine-branch dependency Jesus spoke of in John 15. Move as he moves. Think as he thinks. Be strong in his strength, not your own.

Steve has spoken, mentored and modeled to churches and leaders around the world with the simple message that anyone – regardless of their gifting or experience – can be involved in bringing God’s loving kindness to others. His first book, Conspiracy of Kindness has been translated into several languages with more in the works. His first book has sold over 300,000 copies. Altogether his books have sold over 500,000 copies.