Leadership Wisdom from Winning on The Price is Right


It was the thrill of the year to hear the announcer say, “The first contestant on The Price is Right is Mary Jane Show-grin” as she spelled it phonetically. The main takeaway from the show — you can make it easy to be chosen. Those same skills are essential in
pioneering a new ministry of any sort. You can also make it easy to I didn’t win the entire shebang, but I did do well. Even more than my winnings, as a coach to two others I’ve
found it fulfilling to coach others also to win. I am not a professional Price is Right coach, but I am two for two in guiding a couple of friends onto winning. Both made it to
the spinning wheel at the conclusion of the show. One won the entire grand prize. Here are the thoughts I shared with each of them.


3 Ways to Win In New Ministry (and game shows!)


Step up!


Ready yourself. Show up — in body, attitude, emotions and especially your vivid smile! Your eyes speak volumes and stir courage all about. You are able to choose courage. As you reflect courage and enthusiasm, both of those come back to you in spades.

Each time we are called upon — whether spontaneously or assigned in advance — it’s possible to either show up or not. Being physically present is imperative, but without
also showing up and choosing to have a positive, anticipating mindset; nothing much is going to be accomplished.


Pay attention as you move forward.


The presence of distractions is a non-negotiable in life and ministry. Surprising distractions are part of the schtick only contestants on The Price is Right have seen. On the stage, there are obstacles the audience doesn’t notice, the two inch tall, colorful distractions on the floor. As the host escorts a contestant and explains specifics as one tries to step over raised up, colorful plastic steps on the floor.


Listen to GOD more than the crowd.


When I heard the words, “The first contestant on the Price Is Right is Janie Sjogren!” The first thought that came to me was, “Dear God — if I don’t hear you speaking approximately RIGHT NOW, then I have no possibility of winning anything but a heaping serving of

Not to come across as overly spiritual, but as I tried to pray and listen to the host simultaneously, I felt lost in thought. What in the world does a huge grandfather clock
cost? Sheesh. Grandfather clock prices are beyond me. I took a shot with what came to mind.

I was the closest and won. (For fans of the show, I played The Golden Road

Next up was a guess at a top-of-the-line washer and dryer. Again, my guess was accurate, and I won. Next was a classic game show “dinette” set of table and chairs. As I shot up an arrow prayer, the right number came to mind again. I decided that couldn’t be accurate, changed the guess and lost on that prize.

It was a bummer to lose on the dinette, mostly because I wasn’t able to move on to
shoot for the grand price — a customized van!

Hearing GOD’s voice on a game show might not be the ideal time and place to learn to pick up on direction from above. It is a great place to learn and win on the fly in non-ideal conditions.

The grandfather clock and Maytag set are long gone. We used the sale of those to finance church start-up ventures. I missed the amazing van, but if I had won it, it too would
be long gone. On the other hand, these three lessons have stuck with me for the longer haul.

By Janie Sjogren