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My daughter Rebekah has taken the huge step of faith of leaving the predictability of life in her beloved San Diego and moving to...
water bottle toss city

Big Send Off

This past weekend Janie and I along with a couple of our key Talent Team guys were in Cincinnati concluding business/doing a big send-off/launch...


A Simple Thank You Had an MRI done.  As this was done – and I officially dislike those things – I thanked the tech person,...

The Bird

Most of the people in the Tampa Bay Area are not from here – much like Denver, or Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  To...
plaza people

What’s Your Story?

As we are living life at a slow enough pace and with a friendly enough perspective, we are doing just two things – asking...
moving truck

Moving? Here’s a Tip

In the course of moving south recently, Janie and I have researched numbers of ways of doing this.  The “givens” are… 1.    Nothing gets broken...

Reject Rejection

Reject Rejection There are voices and echoes. Not many are true voices, rather they parrot the thinking and perspective of others around them. If...
Martin Luther

Last Thoughts on Luther’s Prayer… For This Week

I sat next to a “religion” prof at a Catholic University (remain unnamed) on a flight recently.  We had a delightful chat across the...

Be Careful With Your Discarded Ideas

I’m a pistachio fan. When you eat them, I recommend you have two bowls - one for the unshelled nuts, and a second one...

Confession Time

Was on TBN last week on Tuesday PM on a nationwide broadcast that ran from 10:00 PM till midnight, EST and all other simultaneous...

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