#4. Follow The Lead Dog — Your Senior Leader.

Your senior leader is the Senior Instigator of what goes on with evangelism and outreach at your church. He may not be naturally gifted...
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#17. Journal Your Results in Order Remember Them for the Future.

As your group proceeds together you will learn some amazing lessons as you reach out. You will also tend to forget many of these...
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#9. Determine This: “We will have big fun now!”

The goal in outreach is always to have fun. That may not seem like a worthy goal. That may sound unspiritual. It might even...

Top Ten Mistakes in Outreach

I’m listing a few days worth of thoughts on mistakes I’ve made in the area of outreach. I’ve made plenty! I’ve had to pare...

Lesson #16: Look for More

#16: Look for More There is something that is very real that commences once we breathe our last breath in this life. Been there,...
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Lesson #15: There Are Reasons For Hope

#15: There Are Reasons For Hope In going through a death one’s hope tank is emptied. Afterward, there is a reason for hope again....
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Lesson #9: You Will Need To Monitor Your Regrets

#9: You Will Need To Monitor Your Regrets A death will usher in a flood of second thoughts, regrets, and negative inward ponderings. Such thoughts...

Lesson #7: God Will Intervene

#7: God Will Intervene I was in a coma state for an extended time after my death. When I came out of the coma I...
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Lesson #6: “Big God!”…Your Perspective on Him Will Change.

#6: “Big God!”…Your Perspective on Him Will Change. When death has come your way, your image of God will be altered. It has to. The...
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Lesson #5: Resolution Is Essential

#5: Resolution Is Essential When you experience a death, you WILL have people to forgive. I wrote recently about some “Job friends” related to my death...

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