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Big Send Off

This past weekend Janie and I along with a couple of our key Talent Team guys were in Cincinnati concluding business/doing a big send-off/launch...

The Bird

Most of the people in the Tampa Bay Area are not from here – much like Denver, or Los Angeles or Las Vegas.  To...
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What’s Your Story?

As we are living life at a slow enough pace and with a friendly enough perspective, we are doing just two things – asking...
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Moving? Here’s a Tip

In the course of moving south recently, Janie and I have researched numbers of ways of doing this.  The “givens” are… 1.    Nothing gets broken...
Martin Luther

Last Thoughts on Luther’s Prayer… For This Week

I sat next to a “religion” prof at a Catholic University (remain unnamed) on a flight recently.  We had a delightful chat across the...

Be Careful With Your Discarded Ideas

I’m a pistachio fan. When you eat them, I recommend you have two bowls - one for the unshelled nuts, and a second one...

Speak With Passion

For those reading this blog who will speak/communicate this weekend, no matter how you do what you do, no matter what you focus upon,...

Things to Do before You Die

I have been noticing the many books and sites popping up lately, “1000 Things to Do Before You Die” or “X Number of Places...
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Petty-ness That Divides Us

I like Tom Petty and his band the Heartbreakers. Trivia – they got their big break when they were the backup band for Dylan...

Chasing Off Religious Attitudes

Getting my long-promised tattoo on my right upper arm of the Nazarene movement. I have spoken at many many Naz events over the past...

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