almost sunset sea

Something Worth Losing

It stands to reason that the younger we are – with the greatest number of years ahead of us and thus the most to...
turtle and rabbit

Rabbits and Turtles

Rabbits go fast, turtles move slowly. They’re both good. I’m convinced we are naturally inclined toward one direction or the other. All of us...
old house

Resistance to Change

As a leader in any venture, it is necessary to bring change to your organization. There is predictable, constant push back from most of...
Aurora Borealis

The Accurate Side of Creativity

A few years ago I did an interview with the Wall Street Journal concerning originality in weekend messages. Several pastors were asked about their...
golden retriever fog

How to Get a Job

Learn how to learn. It’s about humility. We won’t go very far forward until we bow down and allow the lessons of God...
attack strategy

Strategy of Attacks

As we live a life of obedience we run into obstacles. Chalk it up to the universal principle of attack and counter-attack. As you...

When Is It Time to Worry?

I was always told not to worry. As a kid, I was a natural worrier. When I couldn’t figure things I usually resorted to worrying. Is...

Whispering the Gospel

For the longest time, I sought to shout my way into the lives of many who didn’t know Jesus. We’ve become like the culture around...

Generosity Changes Everything

It’s easy to go through the motions of ministry - to appear to make progress when all we are doing is marching in place....
stone stacks

Building Adequate Relationships

Pastor David Cho of the world's largest church, in Seoul, Korea, has a practice with his new church start-ups, of asking his planters to...

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