G.B. Shaw

Cold, Hard and Thin

“I’m skeptical of cold, hard and thin.” - G.K. Chesterton Chesterton stated those words during a debate with author George Bernard Shaw. G.K. was a...
fallen tree

How To Pastor During the Holidays… After the Loss of a...

There are probably more in your church who've experienced loss than you realize. At a time of festivity, some in your congregation are struggling....
two eagles branch

Prayer and Outreach

We had stellar outreach success this past weekend. We touched lots of people but more importantly those we approached were spiritually open. I’ve done...
Top 10

Sjogren’s Top Tens — Top Ten Lists (of all time)

Top Tens - Top Tens (of all time!!!) Top 10 Ways You Know You're in a Bad Church Top 10 Ways You Know You're...

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