police presence

Your Church Needs Armed Police Presence

...Do you want to communicate 'safe' or something else? The news of two horrible shooting incidents in Colorado recently brings back to the national spotlight...

The Harvest

“The fields are white unto harvest… pray for workers for the harvest.” I love that verse. I have only in the past few years come to...
flowing river

River Part 2

I for one have grown tired of the talk of “growing as a leader” in Church circles when the majority of the information is...
water under tree


The move of God is pictured in the scriptures as a river consistently from Genesis to Revelation. That is a powerful picture of progress…...
water kidz

Don’t Launch a Church – Reach a City

Spent time with one of my star mentees this past week - Ike Reighard.  Ike is an amazing communicator.  If you have a chance...

Speak With Passion

For those reading this blog who will speak/communicate this weekend, no matter how you do what you do, no matter what you focus upon,...

Living in the Land of Risk

Had an amazing lunch with an old friend this week. He is not so much a tech wizard like many who accomplish much in...

How Do We Equip?

How do we walk into the future equipped, with as few surprises as possible? It’s not about merely reading. I have been a big advocate...
Church Plants

20 Quotes to Encourage Church Planters

I’m pretty picky when it comes to quotes. I think you will find the following list filled with memorable sayings that will come in...
be quiet

The Cancer of Criticism

A few years ago I came across a radio show that disturbed me. The show was all about the answers to living wisely according...

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