Lesson #13: Saying Yes Brings Life

#13: Saying Yes Brings Life Life is difficult after going through a time of death. One of the fastest ways to make forward progress is to...

Lesson #11: You Will Hear Clearly From God

#11: You Will Hear Clearly From God After death comes your way previous barriers to hearing from above will be eradicated. There are losses that...
turtle and rabbit

Lesson #10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits

#10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits You’ve heard Aesop’s story about the tortoise and the hare. In this classic tale, the hare takes off quickly...
steep cliff

It’s About Challenge

I’m taking a break from my book for today. I was talking with a pastor friend this week about the changing face of commitment. The...

Lesson #4: What You Have Known Will Probably Be Recycled

#4: What You Have Known Will Probably Be Recycled During my medical meltdown, when I was "out," I heard God speak to me in...

Press On No Matter What

Rolling Stone magazine asked Bob Dylan where he stood spiritually a while back. A fair question considering the ins and outs his personal life...
Doorway Tree Door

Ask… Seek… Knock… Our Way Forward

I was able to speak this morning to the gathered Coastland Church at the Brandon AMC Theaters. We have been looking at the Sermon...
many details

Details Details – God Is in the Details

I have been working to launch teams of windshield washers. It has been a while since I last connected with strangers in this particular...
Mike Slaughter

The Mike Slaughter Interview

Mike Slaughter shares his heart as it relates to over 30 years of solid ministry at Ginghamsburg Church at Tipp City (Dayton), Ohio. Slaughter...
clear stream

Confessions of An…Increasingly Clear Leader

Everybody Needs a Model Or Two To Be Effective 'People never do what you say - only what you do ...then only after you have salted...

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