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Mega-Churches or Medium-sized Churches…?

Someone sent me a tweet recently I’ve been thinking about. He asked about mega-churches and if many of the people they attract simply come...

Plan Less, Do More

It is entirely possible to over plan, over think, over prepare in life but never get to the execution stage. There is something about...
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What a Waste of Time?

What is a waste of time these days really? In our rush to conserve precious, limited time, we can decide some vitally important things...
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Extending Your Half-Life In The Community

The term Half-life refers to how long something continues to have an influence on a system. For example, how long does a medication remain...
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Buying Into Your Preferred Future

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, today you are moving toward your future at a rapid pace. There’s just one...
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Talk Up The Gospel 2

There are a couple of caveats regarding the new openness isolation has created to the conversation: As you approach people rely on the Holy...

Talk Up The Gospel

I have heard a lot of speculation about the utter demise of spontaneous evangelistic conversations such as verbalizing the Gospel to strangers. I understand...
Water Kidz

There’s Nothing Like A Good Explosion On July 4th!

The Fourth of July harkens to mind images of flags, picnics, family time and fireworks. For some, it is the fireworks that stand out...
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A Walk of Obedience

Janie and I did an internship at a large Vineyard church on the west side of Los Angeles some years ago. One outstanding fact...
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Spread Out Your Outreach Attempts

I have always liked fishing. Since I was a little kid I have enjoyed getting out on the water and going after fish –...

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