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Mistake #14: Waiting for Someone Else to Start

I have been a reluctant leader at most points along my leadership journey. I am a little skeptical of leaders who are too eager...
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Mistake #11: Independence in Church Finances Apart from Outreach

An over-dependence upon church systems for success is not good. This kind of thinking will cause outreach leaders to become bitter, frustrated and eventually...
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Mistake #10. Over-Training.

When we lack confidence we tend to seek out programs that seem to promise easy success. These are fear responses. Success is not so...

Mistake #9. Not Enough Training.

Training is essential. In the Book of Ephesians Paul wrote of the need for the “equipping of the saints” to take place in the...
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Mistake #7. Too Few Outreach Opportunities.

Sometimes we think about doing outreach only now and then. But it takes a steady commitment to reach our community if we hope to...

Mistake #5. Trying to control the results.

All evangelism works… if you just keep at it. This is particularly true for Servant Evangelism. God’s Spirit flows through us out to those we...

Outreach Mistake #2: Not catching an adequate variety of fish

Mistake #2. Not trying to catch an adequate variety of fish. Typical human nature encourages us to reach out only to those who are like...

Words of Love That Follow Deeds Of Love

One of my ongoing frustrations in Servant Evangelism has come in seeing people verbalize the Good News. The tendency of human nature is to...
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Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?!

Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?! A good friend of mine recently related to me how God has been on the move in his life. It...
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Lesson #14: The Thing In Your Hand Is Powerful

#14: The Thing In Your Hand Is Powerful We tend to underestimate the power of the simple that has been going on around us. This is...

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