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Fund What Works.

Invest your outreach dollars wisely. Don’t give your leadership blessing willy-nilly to all things that appear on your radar screen. Decent ideas are not...
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#10. Connect with Those Who are Contagious with God’s Love.

We become like those we spend time with. That’s true both before we come to Christ and afterward. Your level of discipleship will be...
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#9. Hope for the Future of This Person.

God has a future and a hope for each person you come in contact with. He is at work in their life. As his...
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Mistake #13. Thinking I could do outreach alone.

Most of the mistakes we have been looking at are myths. As such they are partially true and just partially false. Thus there is...
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#6. Train Others as You Learn about Evangelism Yourself.

The best training is always the "on the job" sort. A theory is good but only after we have already learned the job well...
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#2. Don’t Replace the Word “Evangelism.”

Many have felt the need to play with the “E” word thinking it is offensive or out of date. The words we use to...
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#1. The Senior Leader is the Primary Mentor of Evangelism.

10.5 Ways To Overcome Fear of the “E Word” God’s church goes forward numerically only as she gathers Newcomers unto herself. Yet it is becoming...

#14. Set Goals For Reaching Out

Goals are a wonderful thing. They accomplish much, but above all else, they keep us honest. With a good goal in hand and heart,...

#11. Start Praying For Your Community.

As you pray you will begin to experience God's heart for your others. God softens our hearts toward others as we pray God's best...
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#7. Don’t Wait For Money To Start.

“We will start just as soon as we have the financing to do so.” It may seem reasonable to place this caveat on your...

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