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Reaching Millennials (4 of 5)

4. Lead and Challenge New Behaviors This generation isn’t just willing to be challenged – they nearly demand it. A significant part of their mentality...
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Reaching Millennials (3 of 5)

3. Build an Accepting Community Pastors who lead congregations that feel “Stuck” – no sense of momentum, resistance to any new idea or direction. In conversations...
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Reaching Millennials (2 of 5)

2. Outward Focus on Loving the City Millennials are not just open to being outward toward the world around them; they are also open to...
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Reaching Millennials (1 of 5)

There is no magic to reaching the Millennial generation. On the other hand, if we hope to get them, we simply need to do...

Mistakes I Hope to Make Next Year

Sometimes the best mistakes are premeditated. We can sometimes assume that to lose in any way is a horrible thing that must be avoided...
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Celebrating My Greatest Mistakes Of 2011

At the end of the year some time ago I gave a message on a few year-end reflections I had cloaked around “My Biggest...
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Risk – Our Way of Life

Risk is our friend. Little happens that is worthwhile that doesn’t involve taking a significant chance - one that might end in failure. How often...
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What’s Your Calling?

A unique calling from God is upon your life. It’s easy to think that only special people - those set apart - who are special...
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Something Worth Losing

It stands to reason that the younger we are – with the greatest number of years ahead of us and thus the most to...
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Vision Primer

We’ve heard it hundreds of times - Without a vision, we perish... On the other hand, sometimes the problem isn’t an utter lack of...

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