It’s About the Mission

More about the conversation with my pastor friend... Are people less committed these days than a few years ago? One thing seems clear: people are...
steep hill

Lesson #5: Resolution Is Essential

#5: Resolution Is Essential When you experience death, you WILL have people to forgive. I wrote recently about some “Job friends” related to my death experience....
open road

God Is Up To Changes All Over

Ever get to a fork in the road? Yogi Berra exhorts us to take it in times like that. We can hopefully all relate to...

From Message First To Serving First

In every major city in the world today, it is no longer possible to approach an emotionally healthy stranger and engage him/her in conversation...
Steve and Janie


The current stat that has held steady for decades – that only 3% of the attendees of even the most evangelistic churches will even...

From Expert to Novice

Somehow we clearly communicated that evangelism is for the experts only (please – let’s drop the word “outreach” – it is a false, non-biblical...

Where On Earth Is The Church Going?

Ever wonder “Where will things be in ten years?”  I abide by the wisdom that our greatest mistake is to overestimate what can happen...

Walking In The Spirit… Facing the “Problem” of Islam (part 2)

Is the Church under attack from outside forces right now, as in the “Islamic problem,” as many Church leaders are referring to it? Clearly, the...
up the wall

Walking In The Spirit… Facing the “Problem” of Islam

This week’s CBS Good Morning show focused in part upon the growing influence Islamic values are having upon the fashion industry.  One very popular...

Be Careful With Your Discarded Ideas

I’m a pistachio fan. When you eat them, I recommend you have two bowls - one for the unshelled nuts, and a second one...

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