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Reaching Millennials (2 of 5)

2. Outward Focus on Loving the City Millennials are not just open to being outward toward the world around them; they are also open to...
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Reaching Millennials (1 of 5)

There is no magic to reaching the Millennial generation. On the other hand, if we hope to get them, we simply need to do...
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Reaching Millennials (4 of 5)

4. Lead and Challenge New Behaviors This generation isn’t just willing to be challenged – they nearly demand it. A significant part of their mentality...
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Risk – Our Way of Life

Risk is our friend. Little happens that is worthwhile that doesn’t involve taking a significant chance - one that might end in failure. How often...
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Reaching Millennials (5 of 5)

5. Show a Willingness to Change We will never be ready to embrace change. When we force the change, we will stir up resentment and...
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Vision Primer

We’ve heard it hundreds of times - Without a vision, we perish... On the other hand, sometimes the problem isn’t an utter lack of...
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God Is Up To Changes All Over

Ever get to a fork in the road? Yogi Berra exhorts us to take it in times like that. We can hopefully all relate to...
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Reaching Millennials (3 of 5)

3. Build an Accepting Community Pastors who lead congregations that feel “Stuck” – no sense of momentum, resistance to any new idea or direction. In conversations...
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Lesson #5: Resolution Is Essential

#5: Resolution Is Essential When you experience death, you WILL have people to forgive. I wrote recently about some “Job friends” related to my death experience....

The Ideal Sized Congregation? Try 500!

Great churches come in a variety of sizes, very large ones, medium-sized ones, and smaller ones. It is a mistake to read the above...

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