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The State of… Evangelism (Part 5)

Do Something... How 'bout now? "Something good is about to happen!" Those are the words to more than one famous song, and those are the plans...
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The State of… Evangelism (Part 4)

Disconnect Between Pastors and Evangelists The matter of evangelists connecting with the local church was raised - with great emotion. I consider myself to be...
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The State of… Evangelism (Part 3)

Disconnect Between Pastors and Evangelism One of the big questions discussed: "Why is evangelism less prominent now than any time in the past several generations in...
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The State of… Evangelism (Part 2)

Whose People Are We Anyway? Gifted evangelists absolutely blow pastors out of the water with their gifting and charisma.  Thus, they scare pastors.  Pastors don't...
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Outreach in the Age of CV-19

Outreach In The Age of CV-19  This may be a time of world crisis, yet for those who have “ears to hear,” we have reason...
Outreach for Introverts

Outreach for Introverts

For introverts, the notion of outreach can seem not just difficult but fully impossible to pull off, at least as many understand the notion...

The Harvest

“The fields are white unto harvest… pray for workers for the harvest.” I love that verse. I have only in the past few years come to...
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#8-$1 Carwash in Reverse

 $1 Carwash in Reverse Professional looking, clear signs are a key part of steering traffic into your outreach carwash. “$1 Carwash!” To spice things up...
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#6 and #7- Practical and Simple

#6-Return garbage cans from the curb. Maybe your street requires you to take the containers to the curb. Get up before others and scoot...
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#4 and #5- Tidying Up Kindness

#4- Clean fingerprints from the store entrance and exit doors. Windex and paper towels or towels are all you need. Sometimes store employees will...

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