Profound Influence

How do we know when we are being affected by real leadership? That is not a matter that can be adequately blogged about unless we...
flowing river

River Part 2

I for one have grown tired of the talk of “growing as a leader” in Church circles when the majority of the information is...
water under tree


The move of God is pictured in the scriptures as a river consistently from Genesis to Revelation. That is a powerful picture of progress…...

Either Distinct or Extinct

  “A popular megachurch is starting a new location near us. That church is so big and has so many resources. How are we supposed...
Martin Luther

Last Thoughts on Luther’s Prayer… For This Week

I sat next to a “religion” prof at a Catholic University (remain unnamed) on a flight recently.  We had a delightful chat across the...
quiet time

Quiet Time – Not In History

Martin Luther was asked by his barber how to improve his prayer life.  Luther was stirred by the simple question.  As authors are sometimes...

Speak With Passion

For those reading this blog who will speak/communicate this weekend, no matter how you do what you do, no matter what you focus upon,...

Living in the Land of Risk

Had an amazing lunch with an old friend this week. He is not so much a tech wizard like many who accomplish much in...

Things to Do before You Die

Have been noticing the many books and sites popping up lately, “1000 Things to Do Before You Die” or “X Number of Places To...

How Do We Equip?

How do we walk into the future equipped, with as few surprises as possible? It’s not about merely reading. I have been a big advocate...

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