Making Deals with God

Sometimes it’s a good idea to negotiate with God. When she was seeking to know who the Lord really was, my wife Janie asked...

The Difference Between a Good Idea and a God Idea

Good Idea Stressed out Serious-minded Comes as a result of brainstorming and hard work Comes from many efforts Feel accomplished in the end God Idea Relaxed Fun! Often spontaneous Emphasis on Jesus’ vine-branch relationship...

The Power of A Persistent Idea

There is nothing more powerful on earth than an idea that is carried out over the long haul. Our great shortcoming is that we...
red door

I’m No Evangelist

I recently took the online inventory commonly referred to as the APEST put together by Alan Hirsch and company. I scored as a Shepherd-Prophet...
keep Portland weird

Weird is Good

We are tempted to think that that which is out of the stretch of the norm is a little “weird.” Systems thinking treats the...
the foggy road

Overcoming The Desire To Quit

It is common that as we get involved in changing the world that every once in a while we want to throw in the...

Plan Less, Do More

It is entirely possible to over plan, over think, over prepare in life but never get to the execution stage. There is something about...
trees on cliff

Perseverance is the Name of the Game

I recently connected with someone who is introducing outreach at his church and is receiving a less than enthusiastic response. Not surprising. In general, when...
river bank calm

Living At the Speed of Soul

There are lots of projects vying for my attention these days. A new book is in the offing. Multiple blogs. Weekend messages. Staff to...
stop sign

Stop Sensing You Are in Charge of Something

You are not responsible for making something happen. You don’t know what will happen as you obey God in the realm of evangelism. It’s...

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