What Will You Be Known For?

A friend of mine wrote a couple of popular books but those came out a ten or so years ago. He was with a...
forest creek

Earning the Right to Be Heard

A few years ago in Conspiracy of Kindness, I made the statement, “We must earn the right to be heard.” I’ve heard that line...
heart in the light sky

How to Release Love at Your Church

As you make loving others the priority of your church’s life all other goals that are important and biblical, tend to fall into place...

Ideas or People – Which Are You Excited About?

“It’s an awesome thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” I tasted a little bit of that in my near-death experience...
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Serve AND Speak Words

I regularly hear the phrase, “Let’s show God’s love and if necessary we’ll use words.” I’m not sure if I have especially tuned my...
amber waves

Scarcity or Abundance Mindset

What we fear losing we grasp. What we grasp others tend to grasp as well. Thus we help to create an atmosphere of fear. Fear...
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Jesus Is The Norm

The first heresy that came into the Church was launched by a group called the “Pelagians” who believed that Jesus was only God and...
Mentee the Manatee

Mentees: Are You Failing Enough to Succeed?

As much as you like the group you serve, one day you will move on. Others may carry you out feet first, but you...

Reading in the Power of Spirit

I’ve heard the adage, “Leaders are readers.” That seems to be generally true. I want to suggest another adage that is just as true - “What...

Who Are You Making Successful?

I’m in the midst of compiling the top ten lessons I learned when I went through my near-death experience a few years ago. An...

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