Belle and Abby

Kindness in the News

Belle and Abby: Kindness in Middle School for All Belle holds open one door, Abby the other, and they go to work. "Morning Jack! How's football...
web with droplets

Do Something Productive

Imagine that you get a text from your boss tonight. He has called off all the meetings you were to have tomorrow. They want...
Sunrise Tai chi plaza

Trader Joe’s Employees – My Kind of People

A friend and I attended a pastor’s conference awhile back. It was a pretty relaxed group; some might say too relaxed! At the end,...
be quiet

The Cancer of Criticism

A few years ago I came across a radio show that disturbed me. The show was all about the answers to living wisely according...
Girl leaping from log

Veni, Vidi, Velcro (I came, I saw, I stuck around)

The Roman army was at its peak in Jesus' generation. During this timeframe, they were able to rule enormous parts of the world. Roman...
girl jumping

Have You Made a Fool of Yourself Lately?

To phrase it that way may seem a little sideways. Instead think of it as, “I made a human of myself.” Leaders spend energy worrying...
meadow gates

The Tragedy of Half Conversations

How many times have you had a conversation that unintentionally went sideways? The chances are that when one of those happens, you feel sorry...

How to Increase Your Reach

God has placed in your heart and mine a desire to reach out beyond ourselves. The problem is often that we don’t know how...
Lonnie Frisbee

Lonnie Frisbee Autobiography Coming

Few people have had more impact on the 20th church scene in the west than a little-known guy named Lonnie Frisbee. Like a lot...

What Will You Be Known For?

A friend of mine wrote a couple of popular books but those came out a ten or so years ago. He was with a...

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