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Have You Considered Starting A Sunday PM Service?

There has been talk of late about the downside of starting Saturday evening services. Having pioneered that time slot from the get-go as an...
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Make A Difference In The Next 100 Days

New and established leaders alike are in the same boat as a new president steps into office. We need to establish ourselves afresh in...
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Find What You Do To Change The World

We all have relatives in our extended families - uncles, grandparents, maybe even parents - that have lived out entire lives of boring sameness....

Do the Work of an Evangelist

Yes, I am overstating this observation, but not by much.  Paul told Timothy to do the work of an evangelist - even tough the...
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The move of God is pictured in the scriptures as a river consistently from Genesis to Revelation. That is a powerful picture of progress…...
quiet time

Quiet Time – Not In History

Martin Luther was asked by his barber how to improve his prayer life.  Luther was stirred by the simple question.  As authors are sometimes...
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Ask Two Questions Each Day

One of the biggest questions you as a leader need to ask, “Are those who report to me headed in the same direction as...

Fishing As A Commercial Fleet…Defining Normal

What is your notion of “normal” when it comes to outreach? Do you think it is normal to see people come to know Jesus only...
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Why are These Actors No Longer Cast in Movies?

Have you been on the hunt for info online and then, found it or not, a popup article catches your eye? The one I...
Johnny Appleseed

6 Outreach Leadership Lessons From Johnny Appleseed

John Chapman, aka the legendary “Johnny Appleseed”, was a missionary who reached out to Native Americans in the Ohio Valley in the early 1800s. He...

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