Group Coaching

Group Coaching with Steve Sjogren: Collective Growth, Personalized Impact


Embark on a transformative journey with Steve Sjogren through our group coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to foster a supportive community where individuals can grow together, share experiences, and benefit from the collective wisdom of the group, all under the expert guidance of Steve Sjogren.


Why Group Coaching?


  • Shared Learning
    Engage in a dynamic learning environment where you can benefit from the diverse perspectives and experiences of other group members.
  • Collective Encouragement: Receive support and encouragement from a community of peers who understand your challenges and aspirations.
  • Affordable Access: Group coaching provides a more accessible option without compromising the quality of mentorship and guidance you receive.


Benefits of Being Mentored by Steve Sjogren


  • A wealth of Experience: Steve brings decades of experience in ministry, church planting, and outreach, offering you insights that are both profound and practical.
  • Personalized Attention: Even in a group setting, Steve ensures that each participant feels heard, valued, and personally guided.
  • Spiritual Growth: Steve’s approach is deeply rooted in spiritual growth and development, offering not just skills, but also wisdom for life and ministry.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, creating opportunities for collaboration and deeper community engagement.


Join our group coaching sessions with Steve Sjogren and experience a unique blend of personal mentorship, shared learning, and spiritual growth. Embrace the opportunity to grow not just as an individual, but as part of a thriving community committed to impactful ministry.

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