Impact of Steve

Roger Otero“When you receive an unexpected phone call from @SteveSjogren, you answer—no matter what. One of the most encouraging people on the planet!”

– Roger Otero, Church Planter, Vineyard, North Carolina


Kim Richards

“In a post-Christian society, Steve Sjogren teaches—and, more importantly, practices—a simple message of kindness. His message has been an inspiration and guiding light to our ministry for over 25 years. Our ministry and many others owe a great deal of gratitude to this dynamic leader.”

— Kim Richards, Pastor, Independent Charismatic, Ohio


Terry Lamb“One day, a member of our church forwarded an e-mail to me entitled “Becoming Outward.” I was taken aback by Steve’s generosity, his willingness to help hurting pastors, and to speak words of life over myself and others. Our once-shabby church became outward, growing from 25 people in a living room to almost 850 members in 8 years!”

– Terry Lamb, Senior Pastor, Anglican, British Columbia


Bob Hostetler“Steve Sjogren’s genius has influenced me—as a person, church planter, pastor, and follower of Jesus–more than I can express. I am constantly recommending his brilliant and innovative techniques to others. His resources are an indispensable resource.”

– Bob Hostetler, Author/Pastor, Independent, Ohio

Dave Carol“We were looking for a tangible way to see true transformation on the streets of my city through the body of Christ…along came Steve’s ‘Conspiracy of Kindness’ and his servant evangelism approach. Freedom House’s Kindness Project and our Captain Kindness character have been serving Brantford, Ontario, with Kindness, seeing tangible change. Steve’s visionary leadership in this area helped set us on a powerful trajectory.”

– Dave Carrol, Outreach Pastor, Independent, Ontario


Stephen Trainer“When God called us to plant a church in the Coney Island neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York City, we had no idea where to start. Thankfully, we found Steve Sjogren’s teachings on Kindness Outreach. God had given us just what was needed to engage those He called us to. With our first year behind us, we are convinced that nothing else would have been so effective in showing God’s love to our community.”

– Stephen Trainer, Church Planter, Southern Baptist, New York


Mark Cleveland“One of the best ways we have found to make a significant difference is through showing God’s Kindness as taught by Steve Sjogren. I have known Steve for over ten years and he has personally helped The River Church develop a healthy and effective way to bring life to the dead places in our community. Steve’s experience in this field is second to none and I highly recommend his coaching and resources.”

-Mark Cleaveland, Church Planter/Pastor, Christian Church, Indiana


Walter Castro“Thank you, Steve, for all the ‘Servant Evangelism’ ideas you have shared with the Latino and the multicultural community of the Seventh Day Adventist Church on multiple occasions. Servant Evangelism is helping us to reach people where they are, and to expose our Christian values to non-Christians showing God’s love in unmistakable and non-threatening ways.”

— Walter Castro, Denominational Director, Seventh Day Adventist, Florida


Pastor Igor“Servant Evangelism helped us to see a lot of opportunities to minister to people with the love of Christ. We didn’t need a lot of money to do that, we needed God’s heart for people. It’s fantastic to see how the love of Christ flows thru people to touch other lives.”

– Pastor Igor, Church Planter/Pastor, Independent, Russia


Brad Kochis“Understanding Servant Evangelism, embracing and teaching it to others has radically impacted my life and ministry! I’m grateful for the influence and investment Steve has made in my life.”

– Brad Kochis, Church Planter/Pastor, Nazarene, Ohio


Alan Stretch“Servant Evangelism is a great way to get everyone in your community out sharing God’s love. I’ve done thousands of ‘S.E.’ projects over the years. We met hundreds of our fellow students and had a great time laughing and talking with them. What really touched my heart was watching self-described ‘shy’ Christians in my group talking about Jesus naturally because of the atmosphere our S.E. project had created.”

– Alan Stretch, Church Planter, Vineyard, California


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