Practical Planning- Part 4

outreach sign

Pre-Outreach Planning

Tip: Always go to the locations of the planned outreach before the event.  One time I sent a team to a car wash that no longer existed. Not great!

  • When do you need to announce the planned outreach? At least 3 weeks out. This means your announcement/design media group and church program group need to have your information at least 3 weeks before the outreach event.
  • What space can we gather to meet that is pleasant and large enough for people to feel comfortable? In good weather, some people meet outside.
  • What kind of environment do I want to create for the people who come to go on the outreach? Fun, Upbeat, Inspiring etc.
  • What time do we need to meet on the day?  Tip: Mid to late morning are great times. In urban areas, people sleep in on Saturday mornings.
  • Will the people gathered be able to hear what we say? If not, we may need a microphone and a PA for sound. If we need sound, will we need a sound person?

Decide what outreaches you will be doing.

  • Once decided, order supplies, for each outreach, pick up supplies, and make the supplies ready and available on the day of the outreach. (Work up a timeline for this process. Several people should be involved in the process or know about how your process works.)
  • Create signs describing the outreach. (landscape paper or A-4 paper will work) Car Wash. Nursing Home, Bus Station, Town Center etc
  • Create instructions with location or map to each outreach location. i.e. Bus Station use a google map or describe the location. Instructions should tell what people what they will be doing on the specific outreach opportunity. (You can combine Signs and instructions if a small group is anticipated.)


Instructions are on the bottom of the map for the leader to share with their group. “When you arrive at the bus station gather as a group and pray. Then break up into two’s, when you walk up to people say, “Hi. Would you like water or a Gatorade?” Or begin a conversation by asking where are you going? Sometimes the act of just handing the person the drink opens the conversation. At the end of your talk, you can offer to pray by asking, “Is there anything I can pray with you about today?” If so pray with your eyes open so you can see what is happening to the person as you pray. Sometimes you can see a deep connection which may have opened a person’s heart to the Good News. Then share the good news.

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