Practical Planning- Part 5

set up

Set up Day

If possible set up the space the day before the outreach gathering. Setting up early removes most of the leaders stress and allows for a focused and calm spirit on the day of the outreach.

  • Set up tables, create atmosphere etc.
  • Have a sign in table with sign up sheets, pens, sharpies, and name tags.
  • Place the outreach signs on the tables or use painters tape to a wall for people to be able to see the outreach options.
  • Place the outreach instructions/map, locations on the table. The instructions will tell people what the outreach is, where the outreach will be, what to do on the outreach and how many people are needed to go on the outreach.
  • Set outreach supplies on the tables or floor for each of the outreach opportunities of the day. i.e. Gas Station, paper towels, $5 bills in an envelope, and safe for tinted glass windshield spray cleaner.

On the Day

  • When people arrive. The first person to arrive is now the greeter. If you have a team pre-designate a greeter. The greeter encourages people to sign in and to write their name on a name tag and have a walk around to see the various outreach opportunities. Allow people space to wander about to view the outreach ideas and to think about which outreach they will choose.
  • Choose leaders. This can be done in your team before the day, or as people arrive for the outreach.
  • Call people together.
  • Welcome everyone.
  • Share what you are doing on the day by mentioning each outreach and the assigned leader.  
  • Tell a story for one thought practical kindness training. ie. Smile! Don’t be so serious. Have fun!
  • Pray.
  • Instruct people to go to the area/table of their chosen outreach and gather as a group. Their leader explains outreach by reading the instruction sheet. Decide on who will drive to outreach. Let them know where the group will meet at the location to touch base before beginning the outreach. i.e. some training may be required. “This is how you wash a windshield”, or “when the light turns red then give drink to people in the car”; “light turns green, stop and get out of the street”.
  • Pray as a group. Some people like to pray specifically for glimpses of the area they are going to, or the people they will be talking to. Similar to treasure hunting. They jot down clues or impressions.
  • GO: Go to location. At location gather, give instructions, pray. The leader lets owner-manager of the business know they have arrived. “Hi, we are here to…”
  • Return to home base: People can return supplies, and return to share what they have learned, or they may have a story to tell. Sometimes people then go out for a meal as a group to deepen their community experience.

Hot Tip: If fewer people come than anticipated to the outreach you can easily remove an outreach and focus on the others. Always prepare several outreach projects. You will be able to decide which outreach is most important or if removing an outreach is a good idea.

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