Practical Planning- Part 3

window cleaner

More outreach projects that produce “Kindness Connections.”

Bus Station

Go to your bus station with water and Gatorade. Offer people waiting the drinks. You can also offer prayer.

Large Groups at Events or City Center

Fill coolers with ice and water and give the water away. You can use a *connect card or a sticker on the bottle. Recently we asked Lowe’s if we could give away water as a community service project. The answer, “Yes, that’s a great thing to do for our customers. Thank you.”

Gas Stations

Getting permission from independent gas stations to wash car windshields, clean up the parking lot, and serve their customers. We also give away $5 bills to the first ten or so people who pull in. We say, “Hi. We are here to serve you today. Here’s $5 to help you pay for your gas. Is there anything I can pray with you?” We hand the person a connect card, the $5 bill and wash the windshield. We’ve been amazed at the response from the people receiving prayer. Most are deeply touched.

Gift Bags to Shops

Small gift bags with granola bars, peanuts, snack crackers, breath mints etc.

“Hi! We are here to show you God’s love in a practical way. Here is a gift for you and the other workers. Thank you for working in our community. Can we pray for your business?” If yes, we bless the business. We then ask, “Any personal need? If yes, we pray, if no, we thank them and leave the gift bags.

Nursing Home

Bring boxes of good tissues, hand lotion, or small gifts to encourage the staff and residents. One lady in the home loves our visits. She is grateful for the good tissues, the flowers we bring and the time we spend with her. She is collecting our connect cards lining them up on her bedside table.

Practical Planning, Part 4