#9 and #10- Being a Blessing


#9- Spring seeds for flowers and veggies.

If you purchase these in bulk you can get them for cheap! We recently purchased 500 seeds for under $20 including shipping from Asia. A couple of those wrapped inside a small ziplock bag will do the trick.

#10-Ten second prayer of blessing.

Sometimes it difficult if not impossible to fully convey the love and presence of Christ in mere words or even actions. Sometimes the appropriate path is to just pray for a person. To offer to pray is a bit of a bold thing for most of us, me included once upon a time. I’ve discovered that if the offer is, “May I pray for you…for ten seconds. I just want to pray a prayer of blessing upon you.”

Of course, use your own common sense as well as listen to God about who to offer prayer to as well as what to say. If nothing comes to mind it’s universally appropriate to pray a prayer of blessing upon them. “I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” I’ve prayed for hundreds of strangers one on one. Only two guys turned down the offer. People will trust us as Believers if we can confine the element of what might seem scary to a bare minimum.

#10.5-  Hold the door