turtle and rabbit

Lesson #10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits

#10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits You’ve heard Aesop’s story about the tortoise and the hare. In this classic tale, the hare takes off quickly...
minecraft church

Mega-Churches or Medium-sized Churches…?

Someone sent me a tweet recently I’ve been thinking about. He asked about mega-churches and if many of the people they attract simply come...
it takes two

Mistake #13. Thinking I could do outreach alone.

Most of the mistakes we have been looking at are myths. As such they are partially true and just partially false. Thus there is...
cleaning toilet

Dave Jacobs Interview “Steve Sjogren: Still Cleaning Toilets”

Steve Sjogren: Still Cleaning Toilets Dave: Sorry that I haven’t kept up on “All-Things-Sjogren” but the last I heard you had planted a church in Florida,...
free drinks

Why Kindness?

I was asked to write two book forwards this week.  This is something I have done for a number of writers – more in...


A Simple Thank You Had an MRI done.  As this was done – and I officially dislike those things – I thanked the tech person,...

#14. Set Goals For Reaching Out

Goals are a wonderful thing. They accomplish much, but above all else, they keep us honest. With a good goal in hand and heart,...
Leaf raking girl

8 Projects to Try Out This Fall

I'm often asked about the best projects for success. Whether it’s a warm and sunny area like Southern California or Seattle where it apparently...
Smiling girl with skateboard

How’s Your Smile?

Since I was a child I’ve been told there is a healing power in a smile. As with a lot of gifts, the giver...

Go Out Anyway

Just Show Up! When it comes to doing outreach projects with teams a lot can go right... and wrong. After doing team-oriented outreaches for decades...

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