Lesson #13: Saying Yes Brings Life

#13: Saying Yes Brings Life Life is difficult after going through a time of death. One of the fastest ways to make forward progress is to...
turtle and rabbit

Lesson #10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits

#10: Turtles Last Longer Than Rabbits You’ve heard Aesop’s story about the tortoise and the hare. In this classic tale, the hare takes off quickly...

Lesson #8: You Will Become A More Focused Person.

#8: You Will Become A More Focused Person. Our view of God becomes more intense when a death occurs. We also become more focused during...

The Kindness Paradox

Are you a kindness hypocrite? Welcome to the club! A man once told Dwight Moody, the prolific evangelist...

Lesson #4: What You Have Known Will Probably Be Recycled

#4: What You Have Known Will Probably Be Recycled During my medical meltdown, when I was "out," I heard God speak to me in...

Go Out Anyway

Just Show Up! When it comes to doing outreach projects with teams a lot can go right... and wrong. After doing team-oriented outreaches for decades...

Are You In Outflow Mode?

"Outflow" is the word I used in a recent book to describe the attitude we live in when we are noticing our way into...

Invest First, Withdraw As Interest Grows

Everywhere that I have had a bank account, the understanding is basically the same. First, you must make a deposit.  There is a period of...

Kindness Conversations

Sneak Peek: Four pastors have a conversation about the power of kindness. More from the conversation will be released in January. We are also...
country road

The State of… Evangelism (Part 5)

Do Something... How 'bout now? "Something good is about to happen!" Those are the words to more than one famous song, and those are the plans...

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