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Vision Primer

We’ve heard it hundreds of times - Without a vision, we perish... On the other hand, sometimes the problem isn’t an utter lack of...

You Are an Idea Receiver

There are many more great ideas yet to be discovered than all of us together have stumbled across. As I tally it, there are...
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Do the Work

It’s all about doing the work, not talking about the work. Leaders aren’t leaders until they lead. Writers aren’t writers until they write. Worship leaders are so...
Outreach Trio of Picts

“Evangelism” or “Missional”

I am officially skeptical of the term “missional” at this point in the game. I have heard and read a pile of material on...
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Why Has Evangelism Declined? 7 Reasons

As an integral prioritist (my phrase), I believe both mission and evangelism are important for both individual followers of Christ and to churches, but...
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#5. Lean Into the Power of God for Fruit that Will...

The kindness of God leads to repentance writes Paul in Romans 2:4 (“the kindness of God leads you to repentance”). The notion behind that...

The Ideal Sized Congregation? Try 500!

Great churches come in a variety of sizes, very large ones, medium-sized ones, and smaller ones. It is a mistake to read the above...

The State of… Evangelism (According to the Evangelists)

Everybody's Talking 'Bout A Revolution Sometimes a strong word can be overused and thus neutered.  As an American, I am especially aware of this tendency...

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