Laurence Chrouch

Larry’s Last Words

Comedian Stephen Wright says he wishes his first words would have been “Quote” so at the end of life his life he could just...

The Difference Between a Good Idea and a God Idea

Good Idea Stressed out Serious-minded Comes as a result of brainstorming and hard work Comes from many efforts Feel accomplished in the end God Idea Relaxed Fun! Often spontaneous Emphasis on Jesus’ vine-branch relationship...

Ideas or People – Which Are You Excited About?

“It’s an awesome thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.” I tasted a little bit of that in my near-death experience...
Top 10

Sjogren’s Top Tens — Top Ten Lists (of all time)

Top Tens - Top Tens (of all time!!!) Top 10 Ways You Know You're in a Bad Church Top 10 Ways You Know You're...
sky through trees

Lesson #6: “Big God!”…Your Perspective on Him Will Change.

#6: “Big God!”…Your Perspective on Him Will Change. When death has come your way, your image of God will be altered. It has to. The...

Was Osama Bin Laden Saved?

The cover of Time magazine recently featured Pastor Rob Bell and his controversial new book that hones in on the weighty issue of eternity....
Snoopy love

Valentines Lessons: Finally I’m Learning To Love People

Valentine's Day - the universal celebration of love. Anyone keen on walking in, learning about, and speaking the fluent language of love will be electrified...

Lesson #7: God Will Intervene

#7: God Will Intervene I was in a coma state for an extended time after my death. When I came out of the coma I...
choose kindness

Acts of Kindness

Your choices can make a change. Choose kindness. In our day and age, wars, conflict and political strife are all too common. Because of this, sometimes it is hard to feel...
be quiet

The Cancer of Criticism

A few years ago I came across a radio show that disturbed me. The show was all about the answers to living wisely according...

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