attack strategy

Strategy of Attacks

As we live a life of obedience we run into obstacles. Chalk it up to the universal principle of attack and counter-attack. As you...

When Is It Time to Worry?

I was always told not to worry. As a kid, I was a natural worrier. When I couldn’t figure things I usually resorted to worrying. Is...

Syncing With The Spirit

When I hook up my iPhone or my iPod with my laptop all that is new is caught up. I make deposits in the Spirit...
kinetic energy

God’s Kinetic Presence

God's Kinetic Presence I was taught in a ninth-grade physics class that power exists in two states - it can be either kinetic or potential....
horse meadow

Walk by Love

This is the simple exhortation of Titus. Why does this letter encourage us to walk in this way? Here’s a theory. When God’s Spirit...

The Science of Kindness

What if God actually made us for kindness? Studies show a physiological response to acts of kindness! We were fearfully and wonderfully made to give and receive...

My Favorite Mistakes of 2018!

My Favorite Mistakes - 2018 Edition I like to do a little summary at the end of each year to mark my hits and...

Agreeing with Jesus

Leaders - how do we stay in sync with the life of the Spirit so we continue to love, live, flow with the care...

Breaking Free From Selfishness

When you scratch the surface appearance of things, selfishness is at the root of insecurity, fear, and doubt. A selfish person is usually insecure...

Why Random Acts of Kindness Matter to Your Wellbeing

Being kind can have an impact on your psychological and physical health. Mother Teresa once said, “We cannot do great things on this earth, only...

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