Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?!

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Ready For A Nervous BreakThrough?!

A good friend of mine recently related to me how God has been on the move in his life. It was a little difficult to figure out if he was going through good stuff or bad. Creative ideas were hitting him in the middle of the night so he was getting up to write, thus missing sleep. After a drought in the idea department, he began to get new ones for projects he had been stuck on for some time.

On the one hand, it was liberating. On the other, it was a little scary. He told me, “I prayed, ‘God speaks to me.’ Lo and behold, He showed up. When He did, I wasn’t sure what to make of it all. He came with His gifts by giving me new thoughts, new ideas. I think He allowed me to have a nervous breakthrough.”

How about you? Are you ready for a breakthrough? God is willing to take you to the next big thing.

Steve has spoken, mentored and modeled to churches and leaders around the world with the simple message that anyone – regardless of their gifting or experience – can be involved in bringing God’s loving kindness to others. His first book, Conspiracy of Kindness has been translated into several languages with more in the works. His first book has sold over 300,000 copies. Altogether his books have sold over 500,000 copies.


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