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Toilet Cleaning Considerations

I just came back with teams doing a restroom cleaning outreach. I seem to have some sort of touch with this outreach – in...
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Low Risk.

I mean minimizing what can go haywire. A lot of what I tried to do early on in the Christian life was a high-risk ministry....
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Have you ever been dogged by someone that was excited about their faith? I was in the New York City area a while back...
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SE Will Catalyze Your People

Typical evangelism approaches segregate Believers into categories – the gifted and the ungifted – those who feel called and those who don’t sense God...
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Servant Evangelism Opens Doors to the Hearts of Your Community

What is unique about Servant Evangelism? There are a few moving parts to this idea you need to be aware of. Over the next...
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Care For the Poor Without Stipulations

I spoke to someone recently who is involved in caring for those in need. He felt that that churches ought to confine their outreach...
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Make a Minimum Six-Month Commitment To Rigorous SE Outreach.

It takes a while to get Servant Evangelism. It’s a simple idea but it’s a deep idea. It’s a non-negotiable fact that significant momentum requires...

Assignment #3: Just Start!

There isn’t much to mess up in this equation except your lack of action. Just begin! All sorts of reasons will pop into your...

Keep It Simple.

Even though we have a dozen points here about starting vital outreach the basic idea behind Servant Evangelism is quite simple. My tendency is...

#8: Follow the Leadership of God in Evangelism.

It is God’s nature to lead His people in ministry. He is large. He is in charge. Our nature is to seek to take...

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