Practical Planning- Part 1

free drinks

Our communities care about how we care. They care about what we do. In other words, your church is defined in your community by what you do, more than being defined by what you say you believe.

Reaching into our community is a process. Everyone starts from where they are with what they have. Effective planning begins with the end in mind.  

“People who dream of what could be, create what could be.”

-Laurie Beth Jones

Question, “What would it look like if…?”

One man saw a long traffic line in his community. It formed every day at the same time except on Saturdays. He wondered,What would it look like if I grabbed a cooler full of cold drinks and went to the car window and offered a drink to the people?” He acted upon him, “What would it look like?” thought. He bought a roller cooler, soft drinks, and ice. He went to the location and began to hand out the iced drinks. He was surprised! The people receiving the drinks were grateful and usually asked, “Why are you doing this?” His reply, “I’m just showing you God’s love in a practical way.”

Do you have a “What would it look like if we…?

“What would it look like for your church to serve your community once a quarter or once a month?”

Hot Tip: Enlisting an administrative person is helpful in planning. They are detailed people who often begin developing a concept by beginning with the end in mind.

Practical Planning, Part 2