God Loves You

Learn what Steve has been up to. Where’s Steve (video hint) Plus, this is a FREE EVENT! However, we’ll ask you to consider INVESTING in the ministry of Kindness Outreach. Come learn about our team (including Doug Pollock and Steve Bowen), initiatives and plans for the coming years. Compass Community Church, Springdale, OH from 7-9 pm The best is yet to come! This is during the #KindnessNow Cincinnati Event. https://www.facebook.com/events/229747994611365


Servant Evangelism is a tested, effective missional practice for Leaders and Believers and we hope it will become the Rhythm of your Church. It’s no surprise that we live in an increasingly challenging cultural environment toward sharing Jesus with the world around us. Many are jaded if not hostile toward Christians. We are inviting you to join us in this epic spiritual battle leveraging the Kindness of God to melt hearts with His unconditional love.


The Servant Evangelism Summit is a couple of days of “TED Talk” style presentations, discussions and activity oriented, action learning experiences designed to train, equip and empower Church Planters, Pastors, and Outreach Leaders to impact their community for the Kingdom of God through intentional, practical acts of kindness.

These of some of our intended Outcomes:

Imagine… having fun and laughing with some new like-minded friends for a few days

Imagine… feeling hopeful and encouraged about evangelism in your city/church

Imagine… learning a few new concepts/ideas/tips that you can put into action next week

Imagine… discovering a “secret ingredient” for spiritual growth/discipleship