‘Innovation’ – Or Can We Do Better? (Part 2)

(Continued from yesterday…)

A couple of thoughts to ponder:

1. Perhaps the word ‘Innovation’ is not what most of us aspire to in fact.
“Innovative” means “To take what is and improve upon it.” But in fact, is that all we aspire to do in our lives as we walk in this life, in the Spirit, in sync with God’s word? Not me.

Innovation is a great word for people who are operating on their own strength with the assumption that God is not going to show up.

In the landmark business book The Japan That Can Say No, author Shintaro Ishihara points out that the key to the Japanese business success is this word – ‘innovation.’ The classic Japanese success model, according to this Ishihara, is to take an original idea created elsewhere (Ford Motor Company), and simply improve upon it (Toyota Motor Company).

Innovation is wonderful when it comes to improving upon a car, but we are ultimately dealing with that which is everlasting – people. I’ve read somewhere in the scriptures that God is madly in love with people. He is highly interested in providing the wherewithal needed at every level for us to be effective in seeing his kingdom move strongly forward.

(Continued tomorrow…)

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