Leaders actually lead from the front

Phony leaders speculate from the sidelines but real leaders have a penchant for action. A pastor friend of mine understands this well. His phone message is,

“I’m not here right now because I’m out doing good to all kinds of people and casting out demons (Acts 10:38). Please leave a message.” That would be funny if it were mere words, but that is exactly what he does for a good part of each week.

Leaders own the task at hand by being personally involved. They distain too much talk that is sometimes mistaken as “planning.” Phony leaders sometimes coach, they even write books. Real leaders roll up their sleeves and lead from the front of the pack as they do what they preach. Real leaders have a prejudice for action. Yes they coach – they give advice, but they do it out of their commitment to activism – from the front. That’s why it’s called the “leading edge.”

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