Jumpstart Coaching

(For those in the midst of ministry looking for an “edge”)

David leaping canyon“Jumping the Curb”

… moving toward absolute effectiveness where it counts


What is it that you have been made to do in this life – in this church – that only you and you alone can do?

What are the two or three things in your church’s life that are so vital that if they don’t succeed well, success (perhaps survival) is in jeopardy?

What two or three skills are worth investing your energy to hone, knowing that a significant return would come your way?

What is it that you uniquely do that can significantly impact the growth of God’s kingdom?

What is it that you don’t do well? In fact, as you walk these out, is the ripple effect draining to the point that momentum is undone?

If the above questions are not already clear in your mind, then you need to be a part of Jumpstart Coaching, as they will become crystallized during the coaching time which will take place over several months.

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