Servant Evangelism

I’ve been where you are!


Since I can remember–even in grade school–I wanted to live a life that made a difference. In my heart, my goal was to live in a way that would outlast my life here on earth. I’ve held onto that desire all along, even till today. Even though I had a great goal, the older I became, the more roadblocks entered the scene. I got to the point that I gave up. I threw up my arms in frustration and prayed a simple prayer.

“God, give me an idea!”

That prayer jumpstarted my life and began to erase my frustration. Looking back, I can see that was a God-inspired prayer. My only wish is that I’d given up earlier!  For several decades now, I have learned more and more how to live and lead with a very simple idea, the “Kindness of God that leads radical life change” (Romans 2:4, NASB & MSG)

What is the God-breathed idea?


“Begin to serve and show generosity, then stand back and see what I will do through your availability.”

My goal shifted from maintaining things, saving money and the worry of not enough provision. The life-giving goal became, being willing to lose – even to the point of losing all of these things.

When doing outreach now I am often asked by strangers, “Isn’t it expensive to give this away, to buy this or that? Aren’t you worried about not having enough to carry on?” My answer is always, “Yeah, it does cost us, but our goal isn’t to stay in business. In fact, we want to be the church that goes out of business because we’ve given everything away!”  We want to make it clear that we love people more than what is costs.

When we begin to live out this life, skeptics begin to understand and relate this kind of spirituality. Countless times I’ve heard “Not-yet Believers,” say, “I’ve always believed in a Jesus who would ___ _, but I’ve never run into one until now.“

I have been venturing up an “elevator of learning” to effectively live out the sort of leadership and influence that is able to overcome the roadblocks that had previously brought me to a halt.  I’ve discovered that as I’ve gone up the “elevator of learning” that others who join with me are able to join in where I’ve gotten to thus far. You don’t need to start from the ground floor, as long as you have a coach who has taken a few steps further than you and can jumpstart you toward the same goal.

about_coffeeI believe this is where you are. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this now.

Join me, and we will move up the “Elevator of Learning” together to “JumpStart Your Outreach”. We will build new ways of thinking and behaviors that will jumpstart to the vision you’ve had in your heart.

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