#14. Set Goals For Reaching Out

Goals are a wonderful thing. They accomplish much, but above all else they keep us honest. With a good goal in hand and heart we can reach to amazing heights.

Goals empower us to aim beyond ourselves onto what we sense God is calling us to be about.

They keep us connected to God in the realm of vision. As we ask God to give us his heart he speaks up—he comes alongside us and stirs things up. He causes us to understand the things that are on his heart.

Set big goals. There’s nothing spiritual about being shy with your goals. Will it be necessary for God to show up in order for your goal to be accomplished? If so, it is a worthy goal.

Set goals regularly. Once they are established, reconnect with them to stay on your game.

Check up on your goals to see how you are doing.
An empowered goal needs to be checked in on – to be connected with on a regular basis.

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