#17. Journal your results in order remember your results for the future.

As your group proceeds together you will learn some amazing lessons as you reach out. You will also tend to forget many of these if you don’t take steps to keep these in mind. Needless to say, it is wise that you capture these lessons for posterity.
A couple of easy approaches for journaling I use are:
Video. Take the time to shoot snippets of your outreach adventures. You can easily do this with someone’s small video camera in your group. If you wish you can pick up a camera. I suggest a Flip camera. These are very small, they easily connect to any computer through a USB port and cost a bit over $100.
Writing. Pick up some decent software you enjoy for writing out your learnings. I suggest MacJournal or WinJournal depending on your preference for the Mac or PC system.
Regardless of the way you journal the key is to take the time to journal. It is vital that your dedicate regular time to capturing your experiences, thoughts and learning onto some mechanism. Later you’ll be oh so glad you did!

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