#4 Way your Sm. Group Reach Commun.–Serve Over and Over and…

One of the keys to making a difference in your community is repetition. Granted, it may seem uncreative to repeat projects, even tedious, but repetition is a primary way God will use you to connect with your community. The work of the Kingdom that bears the most fruit is based on sheer faithfulness. It may seem silly to recycle outreach projects, often in the same general location, but this is highly anointed activity.

You will make a much greater impact by doing things repeatedly than you will be trying lots of new experimental projects in a scattershot fashion. Go ahead and experiment now and then with a project here and there just to see how things turn out. At the same time realize the lion’s share of your productivity will come from persevering at projects that are tried and true.

This is a lot like fishing. Return to the spot on the river where the fish tend to bite. That’s where you are likely to catch more fish. Go back to many of the same places in your community for your projects where you are getting bites. That’s where you will catch fish. You gain essential credibility as well.

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