Agreeing with Jesus

Leaders – how do we stay in sync with the life of the Spirit so we continue to love, live, flow with the care of God for the not-yet believers around us?

– Not just because it is the right thing to do

– But because that devotion is the center of the heart of Jesus? 

If today you don’t see life from that end of the kaleidoscope, return to the gospels please. 

I urge you. 

Return to normal. 

Ask the Holy Spirit to allow you to see as you once saw – to see the spirit and heart and soul of the scriptures as only those who are enlivened can see. 

This is the once upon a time normal we re-engage with.  Whether from


sheer laziness,



the ‘encouragement’ of other believers that reaching out to others was no big deal…

– let’s ask God’s Spirit to call us back to True North that syncs with his word – feelings or not. 

I’d rather agree with Jesus than be comfortable. 

How ’bout you?

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