From Message First To Serving First

In every major city in the world today, it is no longer possible to approach an emotionally healthy stranger and engage him / her in conversation about spiritual things. True, there are exceptions, but those are the desperate, depressed even suicidal people – or those special situations that God simply sets up in his unique way.
It will become increasingly vital that we establish a relationship with not-yet believers by doing exactly what Jesus did – by living the way Jesus lived – as servants of all.  We are the ones who notice the invitations of God that come our way.  Not all needs are assignments from God certainly, but if we value the noticing of our internal Holy Spirit radar, a day will likely not go by that we will not have an invitation from on High to serve.  Out of that serving, will naturally evolve simple questions from those we are connecting with.  Even a newbie in Jesus can answer nearly all of the questions that come from the curious.  This I know – I speak to several dozen not-yet believers each week – one on one.

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