Hamburger Give Away

Free food outreach

Doing something a bit different today. Going out to serve part of the city by giving away grilled hamburgers and hot dogs to people. We are going door to door with the offer, “How many would you like?” Of course, people will say, “Like what?” To that, we will say, “Nicely grilled burgers and dogs. How many would you like?” Of course, they will then ask, “What’s the catch?” As usual, we will say, “There is no catch. We are just showing God’s love in a practical way. So how many would you like – two, three – how many could you use? They are nice and hot!” (We have them in thermal wrapping.)

How About a Blessing to Go with That?

We are then going to ask if we can offer them a blessing. We plan to pray a generic blessing upon them in most cases – something like, “In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we bless you. Amen.” Anyone can pray that prayer. It takes almost no practice.

I’ll get back to you when we get done. We are doing 500 of these in an area of town that is not used to receiving a touch of kindness. We’ll see how it all works. We go in humility and dependence upon God for success.

Hamburger Giveaway Epilogue


  1. Another tremendous outreach idea, Steve! I’ve been praying for this one since you first mentioned it and have told folks here at Saint Matthew about it. May God use it to to nudge people to Jesus!

    By the way, I’ll be distributing the “Your Meal is on Us” cards during worship tomorrow…ten per household initially. Praying that God will use this not only to show others Christ’s love, but also to intensify our own commitment to outreach.

    Earlier today, the funeral of a serviceman from our community was held. He was killed in action. Misguided folks from a church who claim that every serviceperson’s death is God’s punishment for America’s countenancing of gay rights were at the funeral protesting. Folks from our congregation went with bottles of water and kindness outreach cards, handing them to demonstrators and counter-demonstrators. I couldn’t go; had to catch some sleep after an all-night lock-in with our youth, an event that concluded their week-long local mission “trip.” Thanks for the inspiration.

    Can’t wait to know how the burger outreach went!

    God bless!

  2. Steve,
    Love the to the logistics of keeping 500 hot…How did you do this (I read about the thermal wrap) Do you cook them all up and then take them or are you working in shifts having folks cook up stuff at a location and your folks go back to refill for more visits?

  3. Nancy Brockman-Chilton

    What a great idea. I love your ideas, and find that once I start using them I come up with simple yet powerful ideas myself! What a great inspiration you are to those of us who are HOOKED on servant evangelism!

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