Mega Church Pastoral Myth #4: “We’re glad to be free from the politics present in smaller churches.”

Probable Reality: Large churches have no fewer occasions to deal with disappointing power politics than smaller congregations, it’s just that the location of the politics tends to change.

When you put two people together there is bound to be politics of some sort. People’s human nature causes them to manipulate one another. It’s inevitable. Sadly politics sometimes spoils the joy present in the work of God within a group of people. God always have plans to do something great in your midst. The only question is Can you see past petty politics onto the great things God is up to?

There are as many political pressures present in a large church as in a smaller one. Some leave the confines of a smaller church in order to get into what they view as a less politically charged church setting—the large church. Such thinking is partly right. In some cases there is less power politicking going on in sizable congregations. However the more accurate reality is that politics are alive and well in larger groups, it’s just that they are more disguised.

With mega churches political intrigue and controversy exist in abundance. Large congregational staffs are a natural breeding ground for “staff infections.”

The larger church has the added stress of dealing with the politics of the denomination they are affiliated with. They are going to be hounded by their parent group over issues that previously were viewed as unimportant. Now that the congregation is momentous such issues are a matter of their business and they allow their voice to be heard on a regular basis.

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