Mistake #8. Not enough mentoring.

The typical way leaders depend on raising up people involvement is to exhort them into service. “If you know what’s good for you you will go out with us to do outreach…” That approach might work for a short time and with a few people. If you hope to connect with more folks you are going to have to do something that is a lot more hands on.

Bring others alongside. Show them how things work. It’s about encouragement.
Outreach is more caught than taught. It would be nice if we could merely pass on a book to read and once that’s done we would be able to simply say, “Now I get it. On to the next thing.” Outreach doesn’t work that way. It’s necessary to work with others who get the message in order to become effective. Like no other area of ministry, outreach is rich, deep yet simple at the same time. All I have known who have excelled at outreach have been mentored by someone who understood it well. It is learned by taking hand of someone who does it well. We gain faith by seeing success happen.

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