SE develops a doable ministry in your church

The Holy Spirit has placed the desire to do something practical in your people – to give of themselves in a way that will be accepted. This is something you can do. This is also something your people can do.

Not all that we do in ministry is equally doable. There are aspects of ministry that require us to lower the entrance. Thus we empower people to engage with us in outreach.
What is it that you find attainable? Most of us have the spiritual gift of serving. That is, we find it easy to connect with others on the basis of helping them in a practical way. One of the most profound ways we can escort people into relationship with Christ is through acts of service.

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  1. Jose and Denise Marrero on May 13, 2011 at 1:40 pm

    Our church has recently moved into this servent evangelism ministry and these resources have become of great value for us thank you!

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