Servant Evangelism opens doors to the hearts of your community

What is unique about Servant Evangelism? There are a few moving parts to this idea you need to be aware of. Over the next few days I want to cover the bases with this.

SE opens hearts like few things in our culture. We live in an unusually close-hearted time, at least there is an outward closed attitude. Deep down people are actually open to the Good News of Jesus. The problem is that people don’t understand the goodness of God in a language they can understand.

The language people connect with is that of the heart more than the head. Today they are hungry to hear about God like never before, it’s just that that communication needs to come in a way that connects at a deeper level than merely the ears.

As we serve the lives of those around us swing open. Acts of service are the lingua franca of all people, but especially that of Americans.

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