Things to do before you die

Have been noticing the many books and sites popping up lately, “1000 Things to Do Before You Die” or “X Number of Places To Visit Before You Die.”

These titles speak of several things.

  • 1. Boomers especially (the likely ones buying / reading such things) have finally figured out they really are gong to die…hey, better to figure this out late than never.
  • 2. What sense does it make to visit / do various things or go on travel adventures when one still hasn’t gotten one’s act together with basic people skills / social skills? I know so many, many “leaders” in the Church world who lack basic skills in these areas – they are authentically suffering each day because they have not invested in the homework needed to live a great life. If this is the state of the leaders in the Church, my guess is such issues exist in the rest of the Church as well. Call me odd, but I understood that the term leader implied that one was at least one step ahead of the pack / parade of followers he / she is “leading”…

Question: What is the use of taking an adventure, making an investment in an area like this when we still haven’t learned to deal with basic forgiveness, we still haven’t learned to think the best, hope the best about others consistently, we still gloat over the misfortune of leaders when they fall, and we don’t know how to really notice what God is doing around us / value his activity around us for whatever reason.

Don’t know about you, but those basics will be my focus for the time being.