Walking In The Spirit… Facing the “problem” of Islam

This week’s CBS Good Morning show focused in part upon the growing influence Islamic values are having upon the fashion industry.  One very popular magazine is dedicated to helping young Islamic girls (some included in the story had last names that were Swedish like mine such as “Nelson” – one girl’s first name was “Ingrid”)

Something is afoot in the very heartland of America.  I, for one, think God is using it to get the attention of the Church.

In the absence of a huge awareness of the strength of God, the awesomeness of God, our only response is to turn to fear.  In case you haven’t noticed lately, fear is at an all-time high in the Church scene – at least in this part of the world.
The solution to this culture of fear is not to form more committees, to pour vast amounts of money into programs that will deal with the “problem” of Islam, but to return to the two “weapons” at our disposal – the everlasting, unchanging word of God and a dependence upon the Spirit of the God of the Universe like we have not known until now.
Perhaps what the Church today in the west is facing feels remarkably similar to what the Church in Jerusalem sensed as persecution broke out against them in Jerusalem (poor comparison no doubt – they were facing the loss of their lives – we are facing the loss of our voting block and a number of other things – not to make light of the current situation – but these are lightweight times by comparison to the Acts Church’s assignment).
The fact remains the Church has always had the same tools at her disposal.  Try as we might to spiff things up with all the cuteness we want, but we have only had two pieces of arsenal.  Like gunslingers in the Old West – a six shooter on our right and left side.  The Word and the Spirit.

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