Your Noticing Radar

Today, flip the switch on your noticing radar. 

Stop by Starbucks – and notice your way through the place. 

Here’s a heads up.

The person or even two behind you need to have their drinks paid for – and you will do the paying.

When they at first order a regular tell the barista, they really meant a "Venti" – why?  Because you want them to experience the generosity of God – a small touch of love through you in that moment. 

Talk less. 


Listen more. 

No, you don’t need to explain the gospel right there – and you haven’t yet gained access to these hearts.  There is a lot of serving / loving yet to go before you earn that right. 

Hint: Keep in mind, you will see them tomorrow, and next week, etc. 

Please keep out of your mind the livid preacher warning of a bus wreck.  If we lived the way so many of such preachers encourage we too would need much medication. 

Faithfulness in simple serving and generosity pays off. 

Invest.  Love.  Serve.  Cultivate.

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  1. luke on November 30, 2007 at 1:28 pm

    steve- love the comment of the bus wreck. haha. love your ideas

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