It’s Inexpensive.

car wash

It doesn’t take much of an investment to reach out. Something pretty amazing can happen with a small investment. In fact, some of my favorite outreach projects cost virtually nothing. For example, windshield washing is a blast. Do a quality job (don’t leave a streak or you won’t be helping anyone!) and a windshield can be cleaned in less than a minute. I leave a special windshield outreach card on the driver’s side window next to the door handle. A team of 5-6 people can clean a couple of hundred windshields in an hour. Not only does this cost virtually nothing, it noticeably improves the lives of those you serve. By the way, pray for the owners of those cars as go about cleaning. You will be surprised at the specific insights you receive with each car you clean. God will show you how to pray specifically as you move from car to car. That insight is a gift to make you help you to move in both the physical and the spiritual realm.

Steve has spoken, mentored and modeled to churches and leaders around the world with the simple message that anyone – regardless of their gifting or experience – can be involved in bringing God’s loving kindness to others. His first book, Conspiracy of Kindness has been translated into several languages with more in the works. His first book has sold over 300,000 copies. Altogether his books have sold over 500,000 copies.