Jumpstart Coaching Basics

David leaping canyon

How Does It Work?

Frequency of online live gatherings:
Once each month for four months.

Length of gatherings:
Between 2.5 and 3 hours each time.

Technology issues:
Coaching will be done via Skype – this service is free but you need to sign up (that takes a total of five minutes – you can sign up at Skype). You will need a simple headset so you can hear it clearly and not create an echo (this service is super clear – sound quality is akin to FM radio).

Which group will I be a part of?
You will be in the ‘JumpStart’ group
– i.e., Leaders in midstream ministry whose primary goals are to rightly deal with momentum issues with wisdom.

Total number in the group:
Groups will max out at seven per consortium.
The leaders in this group will not be identical but we will all be in the same general quadrant enough to the point that when we discuss matters on Skype there will be the ability to understand one another’s situations.

One Topic, Thoroughly Covered, Every Month

Unique way of doing these sessions:
Coaching is typically conducted with topics in a slow, sequential manner. That is, to take ‘Topic One’ on one month, ‘Topic Two’ the following month and so on.

We have found that all learn more and learn faster with more enthusiasm when we discuss the four overarching topics each time we gather.

We will look at these areas at a deeper level with each gathering.

Practical Stuff!
Above all, what we will be looking at will be enormously practical. One of Steve’s favorite sayings is, “If we can’t plug this in, then why are we even talking about it?”

One of the reasons we gather for several hours then take a break for a month is so there can be time to apply what was presented in the last session.

Granted, the enormous amount of encouraging ‘been there, done that, here is what seems to function the best in this situation…’ downloading will honestly not be applied in the in-between weeks.

The stockpile of information you will be receiving will be so vast your cup will be chock full, running over and then some with each session.