Mega Church Pastoral Myth #5: “We are efficiently raising up leaders.”

Probable Reality: Some leaders are coming up through the organization but there is a tight lid on power at the top.
Most top-level leaders in mega churches are primarily concerned with maintaining their role, their ongoing longevity in the organization regardless of the good of the organization.

This phenomenon is called The Peter Principle by Dr. Laurence Peter in his book of the same name. A person tends to climb in his organization to increasing levels of responsibility until he reaches one step above his competency. Human nature being what it is, people tend to fear to admit in honesty their incompetency. Sadly that person will stay in his role of incompetency for his remaining years of service, all the while not enjoying his role, not flowing in his gifting or calling.

An organization that is wise will raise up a steady stream of leaders. The question is this: how far are you willing to allow leaders to advance in your system? Where is the lid? In virtually all megachurches there is a degree of nepotism present. That’s not entirely negative, but when our nepotism prevents us from hiring competent, called and gifted people to key roles in the organization we allow comfort to prevent the advance of the Kingdom. That is sad. More importantly, that is a sin.

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