#5 Way Your Group Can Connect With Comm. Long Haul — Commit For Long Haul

When God can find people like you, who are willing to be diligent with his activities in a city, he gets excited. God blesses those who are willing to walk in simple, profound, humble obedience. There is almost no limit to the good that can happen through a few determined people who are walking in the anointing of God. God’s history is filled with examples of underdogs who took on amazing odds but came out as victors because they were willing to hang in there to endure for the entire race they were in.

Following God’s plan for the long haul isn’t usually the exciting way forward. God wants us to love with his ability. It’s clear we can’t succeed unless we operate in his strength. In the short run we can put on a good face–to look as though we are embracing our community with authentic love while in reality we are reaching out in our own strength.

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