Jesus’ thing, not yours or mine

“So you are still doing your kindness thing, huh? Good for you. God bless you, brother.”

Here’s a translation of what he asked: “You still doing your kindness thing?” This is also code for: “You’re still doing that kindness thing? It’s not what I’m about, but you just keep at it.” My wife Janie says it a little differently – “We tried the kindness and love thing, but we’ve moved on to this or that…”

Both of his statements are light years from the heart of Servant Evangelism. This is Jesus’ thing, not yours or mine. If it were Steve’s version of kindness it wouldn’t be all that kind!

Second, the “Kindness thing” is the core of the message of the Kingdom Jesus started.

It’s obvious to many, though not all, that the kindness of God and his are love at the center of the life of someone filled with the Spirit of God.

Jesus launched the Kingdom of God upon this world. All we do needs to be understood through the lens of Jesus life and words. He has always been about transforming the life of every person his Spirit touches.

Let’s focus on his kindness – the kindness of God that brings a radical life change” (Rom. 2:4, MSG) to all it touches.

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