Mistake #3. Outreach without simultaneously listening to the Holy Spirit.

If we hope to succeed in outreach it is essential that we walk in a spirit of prayer. We need an acute awareness of what the Spirit is doing in order to be effective in reaching out to others.

It is easy to emotionally bifurcate the task of evangelism into a doing part and a spiritual part. We can mistakenly conclude that effective outreach is merely backed up by supporting prayer. It’s as we pray while we walk out evangelism that great things happen. Unless we pray we are going to miss a large part of what God is doing right under our noses.

Paul says, we are to “keep in step with the Spirit” as we do life and ministry. I like those two words, “in step.” Following in line with the Holy Spirit is something active. To do that we need to pray AS we serve others.

What’s up with seeing then understanding what God is doing? I believe it’s not difficult to discern what God is up to, at least it’s not difficult as we move forward. Granted, if we are static and off the side of ministry…if we are operating in a theoretical zone it is rather challenging to zero in on what God seems to be doing. The non-active approach has never been the focal point of God’s kingdom. His gifts have always been focused on giving away his life.

God will give you eyes to see what he is doing as you walk in a spirit of prayer.

Let’s do outreach WHILE we pray. Let’s pray while we do outreach. If we hope to be effective we must to do both.

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